Pavarotti Up Close

Published by Ricordi

Currently at its second Italian edition in a few months, this book is the extraordinary evidence of the artistic and human fellowship of Leone Magiera and Luciano Pavarotti.

The history of the great tenor is here shown from an unique and preferential point of view: from his debut to his worldwide success, from the most surprising behind the scenes to the last confidences, a really intimate and unprecedented portrait of Big Luciano.

In these pages, written by a musician who shared every important moment of Pavarotti’s life, for the first time are revealed the secrets of a voice that has become a worldwide myth.
The book is complete with never before published photos and an interesting technical appendix on the tenor’s voice.

The original title is “Pavarotti visto da vicino”, published in Italian by Ricordi

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Metodo e Mito: Mirella Freni

Published by Ricordi

“ And I must say that this time Leone Magiera, with his peculiar way to weave technical details and events, dissertations on musical performances and vicissitudes of life, has succeeded in creating an extremely enjoyable and captivating story.

The author effortlessly manages to melt and mingle two apparently remote elements, technique and storytelling, and to shape an unconventional portrait of one of the greatest singers of our time.”

(excerpt from the preface by Ettore Campogalliani)

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Metodo e Mito: Ruggero Raimondi

Ed. Ricordi

“However it seems to me that this book, for his peculiar style that alternates light-hearted anecdotes and rigorous technical analysis, offers itself not only to fans intrigued by the past of their favourite interpreter, but also to young singers and directors who want to snatch some secrets to become the performers of tomorrow.
No other interpreter in my entire professional life gave me this clear feeling that our job as actors can be not only a mean to constantly look into the thoughts of an author and his character’s souls, but also and more than anything else, in a more painful but rewarding way, to investigate the sheer essence of our human nature.”

(excerpt from the preface by Piero Faggioni)

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Metodo e Mito: Luciano Pavarotti

Published by Ricordi

“I was twenty when I first heard Luciano Pavarotti sing. He was nineteen and he asked me, fresh from my piano diploma, an opinion on his voice.
I don’t remember my exact words, but my opinion must have been positive, because we never parted since then: he started to learn from me about structure and notes for the operas he sang, while I learnt from him the eccentricity and the liberty of phrasing. Sometimes this exchange became so personal that it led to the longest and most ardent debates between us.”
Leone Magiera